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Pikanto with Masterboats style deck. (Photo: Hanneke Gillissen)

The very fast Pikanto is available at Masterboats. Pikanto became European Champion and runner-up at the 2008 EC in Dubrovnik, Croatia. She also won the 2008 UK championship in great style and is now the 2009 World champion!

Many go fast items and ideas or put in the Masterboat Pikanto which is taken from the original plug by Sailsetc.
Deck layout is to your choice. Masterboats usually makes boats with a closed fore deck. There is a choice in mid deck configurations. Most liked by Masterboats customers is the large mid deck opening to be closed with a plastic lid. This gives easy access without having to work with sticky back Dacron patches.
Another popular deck layout is with a battery/receiver pot accessable from the deck. The mid deck is closed with patches. This is the same deck layout as used by the 2008 European Champion.
Sheeting system can be a above deck or below. The winch drum itself is always below deck. We can discuss your ideas about the sheeting system you like most. Go to the Photo page to have an idea of the Masterboats quality.

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