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RMG is a world class supplier of RC boat winches and Flash voltage metres. The top sailors use the RMG 280ES winches for their IOM's.

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  RMG 01: RMG 280D
215 euro

This winch delivers enough power for even the strongest winds and suits your IOM. The winch is very easy to install. Just drill three small holes and your winch is ready to use. It operates with even the simplest transmitter/receiver combination. The smart electronics prevent the winch for damaging the boat or itself. Low power use. Usable in a wide voltage range.

  RMG 02: Flash Voltage metre
34 euro

The Flash voltage metre is a handy device which shows you the voltage of your receiver battery. This knowledge prevents you from disappointments half way a regatta when your boat stops listening to your commands. The voltage metre is very light weight and easy to install. It makes it possible to use smaller batteries because you constantly know how much power is left. You can change your batteries in time.


RMG 03: Thumb Drum Screw

6 euro

Thumb screw to make it possible to install/re-install the winch drum on your winch without tools. This is especially handy for trimming the boat in between starts.